Give Mother Jones in Heaven a Standing Ovation! And, get lots of ‘Love’ back in return.

Yes! Mother Jones in Heaven is a proud Artist Member of the Standing ‘O’ Project, the online streaming community that actually helps artists earn a living and share their work with audiences far and wide.

GuitarRevolutionIconIf the internet had been around when Mother Jones herself was traveling the country firing up the working class, she’d surely have used it as a tool to organize. We’re passionate about all the talented working musicians who are out there spreading the good word, and it’s part of our mission to help them earn a fair wage for their work. Just like the coal operators and railroad barons of Mother Jones’ time, today’s big corporate streaming sites are exploiting the workers (musicians) who create the product they sell, paying them only a fraction of a penny per play. All the while, their corporate executives and shareholders profit handsomely.

The Standing ‘O’ Project is different. It’s a mutually supportive community of musicians and music lovers.


Here’s how it works:

Artists like us join for free. We upload music, videos, and lots of cool stuff to share with our fans.

You join as a Fan Member for a monthly or annual subscription fee. You get access to all of our music and other content as well as that of the hundreds of working musicians who are part of the community. You also get access to an archive of over 250 episodes of John & Vivian’s listener-supported radio show Art of the Song. Half of your subscription helps keep Mother Jones in Heaven on the road firing up audiences across North America, and the other half keeps Art of the Song on the public airwaves!

Visit our profile at the Standing ‘O’ Project now! Poke around. Sign up for the free trial, or become a supporting Fan Member right away.


Thank you so much for your support of Mother Jones in Heaven and working musicians worldwide!



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