Audience at Mother Jones in Heaven performance in Chicago

“One of the issues we face today in the labor movement is that our history is often forgotten… or perhaps never learned by our younger members. Understanding our past struggles and triumphs can be an inspiration to persevere in the fight for workers’ rights and human dignity. The musical Mother Jones in Heaven brings to life an important part of labor history. This play is timely, educational and necessary.” – Paul F. Cole – Executive Director American Labor Studies Center, Secretary/Treasurer Emeritus of the New York AFL-CIO, and former VP of the American Federation of Teachers.

“At once entertaining and educational, Mother Jones in Heaven brings to life once again an icon of labor history who is still relevant today. Through speaking and music the travails of this organizer/agitator inform and inspire as she relives her life leading workers to demand a better world.” – Cynthia Phinney – President, Maine AFL-CIO

“Anyone with even an inkling of interest in the history of the American labor movement, or just American history, should see Mother Jones in Heaven. Vivian Nesbitt’s dramatic embodiment of Mother Jones had me transfixed from start to finish. The musical interludes only heighten the dramatic quality of the play.  A thoroughly enjoyable experience.” – Doug Born – President, Southern Maine Labor Council, Secretary/Treasurer, Maine AFL-CIO

“We experienced the musical last night. I can only say that I was completely invested in the character, and I was inspired by message. I highly recommend going to see this wonderful musical. Vivian Nesbitt is a local treasure!” – Kathy Hall, Taos NM

“We need more Mother Jones today! We attended the play yesterday evening at the Metta Theatre. The relevancy to the daily assaults on the well-being of those not financially privileged is easily apparent through the outstanding portrayal performed by Vivian Nesbitt. Learning the history of Mother Jones should be required for all those who seek to diminish the rights of workers in the U.S.”  Steve Fuhlendorf, Taos NM

“What a wonderful play and a dazzling performance by Vivian Nesbitt! I was so glad to have Mother Jones restored to rousing, electric life now when unions are more battered and on life support than since her day. This production at Metta Theatre was wonderfully staged, simple, the costume changes almost imperceptible and certainly not distracting though in plain sight. I hope great numbers of people are able to enjoy and be roused by this play as it tours the nation!! Thank you for a wonderful evening and much food for thought. Godspeed on your journey!”  – Susann McCarthy

“I was overwhelmed by this performance yesterday at Metta Theater in Taos. Vivian Nesbitt was a very believable channeler of ‘Mother.’ John Dillon was a supremely talented accompanist on guitar and vocals. The staging was very basic but powerful. I thought I knew more than I did about Mother Jones from my 20s as a fledging community organizer. I learned so much more yesterday evening. A woman from humble means suffers great personal tragedy by the time she’s in her mid 30s but converts that personal suffering into community and union organizing, relentlessly. Such a powerful, uplifting and challenging message for these oppressive times. Thank you to Si Kahn and Alice Jankell, in addition to Vivian and John and local contributors!” – Jeanne Barnard

“Thank you….this is an important story ……and although it was an extraordinary solo performance, I felt the power of a true collaboration… well done.” – Pam Parker

“Vivian Nesbitt’s performance is stunning in both its artistry and its content! Whether you are a long-time admirer of the life work of Mary Harris Jones (Mother Jones) or this is your first introduction to her, you will be moved to tears by the poignancy and intensity of Nesbitt’s portrayal! I saw the show at the Woody Guthrie Festival in Okemah, Oklahoma, last week and already have tickets to the Sunday (July 22) performance in Taos… Hope to see you there!” Dorothy Alexander – Santa Fe NM

Five Stars on FB – “Prepare yourself for a delightful theatrical experience! Vivian embodies Mother Jones and takes us on a ride through her life and times from the perspective of just crossing the pearly gates. Do not miss this one!” – James Cederlof 

Five Stars on FB – “It was a performance that left me begging for another half hour! Wonderful!” – Dori Ramsay