NPR interview with Si Kahn and Vivian Nesbitt on Charlotte Talks with Mike Collins:

Songwriter, Activist Si Kahn’s Musical ‘Mother Jones’

Charlotte singer-songwriter Si Kahn’s musical “Mother Jones In Heaven” profiles a woman once described as “the most dangerous in America” – Mary Harris Jones. Kahn and the actress bringing Jones to life on the stage join Mike Collins.

After losing her family to yellow fever in the late 1860s, and then losing her home and livelihood to The Great Chicago Fire, Mary Harris Jones found a new calling, that of a labor organizer.

Jones’ success in organizing mine worker strikes around the turn of the 20th Century led one prosecutor to call her “the most dangerous woman in America.” It was around this time that she adopted a new persona: “Mother Jones.”

Charlotte’s Si Kahn, the longtime singer-songwriter and himself a labor organizer, produced a play about Jones in 2014.


Si Kahn, singer-songwriter, activist; author of the play, “Mother Jones In Heaven”

Vivian Nesbitt, actress, “Mother Jones In Heaven”