Legendary Labor Organizer Comes to Life in Story and Song

This one-woman performance, with one foot in the folk tradition of storytelling and acoustic guitars, and the other in the true American art of musical theater, has audiences leaping to their feet at the curtain call.


Mother Jones in Heaven Sizzle Reel

On Tour NOW!


During the late 1800s and early 1900s, Mother Jones championed the rights of workers to fair wages and safe working conditions. Mine workers, mill workers, child laborers, and the disenfranchised were her “children.” She fought with the most powerful tool she had: her words.  


img_1394Mother Jones in Heaven is the kind of work that brought me to Theater in the first place. I’ve never been interested in merely entertaining audiences with jazz hands and showmanship. I went into this business to move people, change minds, and have folk leave the theater looking at the world a little differently than when they walked in.

Mother Jones in Heaven is that kind of project. Thank you for the opportunity to help shift the zeitgeist that much more.


“The songs are poignant, accurate and thought-provoking… John Dillon, music director, plays beautifully with his guitar to Nesbitt’s singing… Vivian Nesbitt was so wonderful as Mother Jones, you would forget this is a play and think you were listening to Mother Jones herself speak… The play leaves the audience with that radical notion that they can change the future.”


Navé+Lee's+Headshot+Taos“When Vivian Nesbitt’s Mother Jones walked onstage at the Magnetic Theater in Asheville, North Carolina, I forgot I was in this century; that’s because I was in heaven where there is no time. Mother Jones had just arrived. God had given her an Irish pub and I was at a table in the corner watching her tell Saint Peter a thing or two about how to run the place.

Go see Vivian Nesbitt perform in Mother Jones in Heaven by Si Kahn. I promise you’ll not be the same after you lift a glass or two in that Irish pub on the good side of the Pearly Gates up there with Mother Jones in Heaven.”



“One of the best theatrical productions I have ever seen. A musical with drama, humor and pathos. This play is a brilliant, compelling, entertaining example of how art/creativity can potentially open our eyes and hearts and minds to get involved – and know that one person, one action can change our politics, our world!  And it is absolutely relevant today even though it took place a 100 years ago. That fact gives it even more power and depth.  It is a reflection of what is happening now only in old clothes. The world would be a better place if a lot of people see Mother Jones in Heaven!”


For more information email us: info@motherjonesinheaven.com



4 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Yes. Am enthused about the Irish brogue the truth and the storytelling musical musings
    Thank you for all your hard joyful work.


      1. How do I get a metta ticket for Friday ? No link on website that I could see


  2. Hi Vivian – Good speaking with you yesterday at art in the park. Morrigan already had plans last night. There’s a good chance that she’s around today. Does it look like there is room for us at today’s matinee? thanks, Peter

    Liked by 1 person

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