The 20-20 Creativity Solution

by John Dillon

“This book will activate your ‘Inner GPS for Success,’ and guide you home to your untapped Authentic Self—one that is naturally creative and brilliant!”STEFANIE HARTMAN, publisher, speaker, and CEO of S.H.E. Inc.

Public radio host, producer, entrepreneur, songwriter, guitar maker, and author, John Dillon delves deep into the often illusive concept of creativity, making it easy to understand andthrough a simple step-by-step processeasy for anyone to access. Weaving personal stories with scientific research, he makes a compelling case that awakening your inner creativity is not only worthy but necessary for success in the twenty-first century. By practicing the principles taught in this book you’ll begin integrating with your Authentic Self which is naturally abundant, joyful, and infinitely creative.

“John Dillon practices what he preaches. He preaches the importance and accessibility of creativity and he practices it in his guitar making, his radio producing, and his writing—in this instance, writing an excellent hands-on guide to the creative process!”

ERIC MAISEL, PhD, America’s foremost creativity coach and author of Coaching the Artist Within

The 20-20 Creativity Solution is a refreshing departure from the usual right-brain focus of creativity—it turns out you need both hemispheres to contribute ‘intuitive’ and ‘rational’ components to creative endeavors. Moreover, creativity is not limited to a few fortunate individuals but is a human capacity accessible to all of us. With warmth, compassion, and clarity, John Dillon tells the delightful story of how he rediscovered his creativity, and offers an accessible guide to how you can bring creativity into your life.”

REX E. JUNG, PhD, neuroscientist and creativity researcher, Mind Research Network

“John Dillon deftly transports us on his own life journey, showing us the universal thread of creativity that runs through us all. We are all uniquely creative, all filled with that creative spark, but many of us don’t truly believe it. Reading and working ‘The 20-20 Creativity Solution’ will do much to turn that spark into a creative fire that will light the world.”

FREEBO, Artist’s Way instructor, award-winning singer/songwriter, and former bassist for Bonnie Raitt, John Mayall, and Ringo Starr

And from the world of business:

“So often in the world of business we fail to tap our creative side in searching for a solution. I have found that creative solutions outside normal bounds are often more readily accepted and cost effective, and easier to implement. John’s book is a creativity how-to for leaders. It shows us not only how to get to a creative solution but how to have fun in the process. I endorse this book heartily for all leaders.”

ANN RHOADES, CEO of People Ink and board member of JetBlue Airways and P. F. Chang’s Restaurants