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Vivian Nesbitt and John Dillon break out from their roles as hosts of Art of the Song and into the spotlight with The Songs of Mother Jones In Heaven featuring ten songs from the touring production of legendary folk singer, activist, author Si Kahn’s award-winning musical.

The CD was produced by two-time Grammy winners, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer, who also contribute backing vocals and instrumentation.

When Si first told Vivian about his musical Mother Jones in Heaven at the Folk Alliance International conference in 2014, he set an alchemic process in motion. The gold spun in that serendipitous conversation is ready to share and shine. Vivian has been taking the stage nationwide and on this, her debut CD, as labor organizer “Mother” Jones with John accompanying her on guitar and vocal harmony.

The ten powerful songs have one foot in the folk tradition and the other in the true American art of musical theater. “For any musical theatre writer, at first their songs and scripts only exist on the page. They can achieve their full depth and richness only when inspiring actors and musicians bring them to life on stage. This is exactly what Vivian and John have done with my musical Mother Jones in Heaven. I’m honored that these two lifetime artists have joined together with me to bring “Mother” Jones to life through this CD and on stage, just when we need her the most,” said Si Kahn.

Listen to a sample track. This is Stitch and Sew where Mary Harris Jones works as a seamstress for wealthy families just before the Great Chicago Fire. In this song, she awakens to the need for collective action on behalf of the working people.

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